Frequency Healing

Frequency Healing: A Harmonious Approach to Wellness by Dr. Rodney Russell In the realm of holistic and alternative therapies, a fascinating and increasingly explored field is frequency healing, often referred to as sound therapy or vibrational medicine. This approach recognizes that the human body is not only a complex biochemical system but also a dynamic orchestra of frequencies and vibrations.…

Functional Medicine and Holistic Approaches to Chronic Infections

Chronic infections, often silent yet pervasive, pose a significant threat to holistic well-being. Doctor’s of functional medicine, naturopathy, holistic health and at those at natural health clinics have a deep understanding of the profound impact chronic infections can have on health. Addressing these hidden threats is crucial for achieving overall wellness. Hidden Nature of Chronic Infections: Chronic infections, unlike acute…

Understanding and Confronting Mold Toxicity: A Holistic, Natural, Functional Medicine Approach

In the realm of health and wellness, mold toxicity stands as a significant concern that often causes unease due to its complexity. Addressing this issue requires more than just symptom identification; it necessitates a thorough approach to tackle the source. In North Texas, Functional medicine doctors, naturopathic doctors, other doctors at natural healing clinics, are generally those best informed and…

Battling Parasites: Warning Signs and Remedies

Today, let’s delve deep into an often-overlooked topic: parasites. While the word itself might send shivers down your spine, understanding the warning signs and remedies can empower you in maintaining your health. You might be surprised to know that many of us harbor parasites in our bodies without experiencing overt symptoms. However, these invaders can silently drain our health resources.…

Mitochondria (Cellular Energy Batteries) Enhancement with Red Light and Near-Infrared (NIR) Light Therapy

Light therapy is as old as the sun. Human beings thrived and grew due to exposure to the full light spectrum of the sun. Today we limit our time in the sun so we are not overexposed to ultraviolet rays and their damaging effects. But a daily 20 to 30 minutes of direct light and sun exposure will increase health…

Red Light Therapy: Recovery & Athletic Performance

Light therapy has been used for years to treat an array of medical conditions and diseases, from skin conditions like psoriasis to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression1,2, and most of these studies have focused on broad-spectrum and UV light – the “shortest” types of light waves. But it’s only been more recently that scientists have begun studying the effects…

Four Odd Ways to Improve Digestion that I Doubt You’ve Tried

By Jen Broyles, Blogger You’ve probably heard the phrase, “all disease begins the gut”. This statement is very accurate,and I’m certainly not going to argue with it. If your gut isn’t in optimal shape, then your immune system and your health will suffer. However, sometimes we have to look beyond the gut to help fix the problem. The gut is…

Functional Integrative Medicine as a Natural Fertility Treatment

Through Functional Medicine, the improvement of my reproductive health has been most precious.

Artificial Sweetners Cause Cancer – A new study

If you use artificial sweeteners, including sucralose (Splenda), you’ll want to read up on this newly published study. It linked Splenda to an increased risk of cancer, including a significantly higher risk of leukemia.

Childhood, Disrupted

Laura’s and John’s life stories illustrate the physical price we can pay, as adults, for trauma that took place 10, 20, even 30 years ago. New findings in neuroscience, psychology and immunology tell us that the adversity we face during childhood has farther-reaching consequences than we might ever have imagined.

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