Functional Medicine

Diving Deeper to Uncover the Root Cause

As society becomes more health conscious, an increasing number of people are gaining an interest in functional medicine.

We live in a time where information is more readily accessible than ever. As a result, people are taking more ownership and responsibility for their health. Consequently, functional medicine has increasingly become mainstream as an evidence-based and scientific substitute for the approach to disease and symptoms. Here are the differences between conventional and functional medicine.

Conventional versus Functional Medicine

Conventional medicine mainly recognizes the symptoms you’re experiencing and uses the same symptoms to identify an illness and develop a treatment plan. This plan often entails finding the appropriate pharmaceuticals that will decrease the symptoms. Therefore, if you discontinue the medication, the symptoms generally return.

On the other hand, rather than masking the issues, functional medicine focuses on establishing the root cause of the symptoms. In this case, the symptoms function as clues for establishing the underlying issues that are generating the symptoms.  This is treating the person versus treating the symptoms.

At the Natural Healing Center, we examine the underlying sources, not merely the symptoms. With the use of superior diagnostic testing, scientific principles, and various forms of treatments, we seek to restore balance in our patients’ physiological processes, resulting in optimal health.   

It’s important to keep in mind that treatment for comparable symptoms might vary considerably for various patients according to their laboratory tests and medical history. Factors that contribute to similar symptoms include pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and toxic chemicals.

Diving Deeper with Functional Medicine

No two people are alike in their genetic makeup, history or life experiences. We are each unique and different. Therefore, we require a health plan that is unique to address our differences. This is where Functional Medicine comes in. It’s a new approach to wellness care. A Functional Medicine practitioner is like a health detective gathering all the clues of your past such as where you were raised, your family condition, health history, traumatic events, and your current life such as environment and potential toxins around you, stress levels, social and spiritual life, relationships, diet (quantity & quality), exercise regimen, sleep habits and symptoms.

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Armed with this information, along with a physical exam and detailed diagnostic testing, the Dr. Russell or Dr. Augustyniak will work to uncover the where and why your body isn’t functioning correctly  (thus the name “functional medicine”). The focus is then on the underlying factors that are causing symptoms affecting your health. From here a treatment plan is determined that may or may not integrate western medical practices with what is sometimes considered “alternative” or “holistic” approaches like nutrition, homeopaths,  detox programs, raindrop therapy,  stress-management techniques and exercise, among many other things. Physical work may include energetic, emotional and neuro-updating techniques as well as non-traditional or traditional chiropractic, applied kinesiology and more.

In Functional Medicine, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. So someone with the same symptoms or condition could likely have a different plan for healing.This approach differs vastly from the traditional western medical doctor approach in which they usually take note of your symptoms, bundle them together to conclude a diagnosis to then dictate your treatment. Therefore, someone with the same symptoms will very likely have the same treatment. This is valuable for conditions like trauma or acute health issues like an appendicitis attack or broken bone. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work when you’re trying to treat and prevent complex, chronic disease or illness—all of which are much more prevalent today than ever before.

As illustrated in the adjacent graphic, diseases such as auto-immune, cancer, or fibromyalgia may be visible on the surface, but according to the Functional Medicine model, the cause lies in the altered physiology below. In almost every case, the cause of the disease and its symptoms is an underlying dysfunction, interference, deficiency, and/or imbalance of bodily systems.

Long-term relief and optimal health are rarely a result of health care. Think of it as putting a band-aid on your car’s dashboard warning lights. On the other hand, identifying and treating the underlying root cause or causes, via Functional Medicine, has a much better chance of successfully resolving health challenges. Using scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing, and treatments other than drugs or surgery, Functional Medicine restores balance in the body’s primary physiological processes.


Dr. Russell or Dr. Augustyniak will perform an in-depth analysis of your health history, including a review of past lab tests and medical records, evaluation of symptoms, risk factors, family history, as well as take a deep dive into your diet and lifestyle. Based on this analysis, the doctor will work with you to formulate a wellness roadmap that identifies — and addresses — the root cause of any current issues while helping you build a system for preventing disease.

You’ll leave with a personalized wellness roadmap with clear steps to address your needs, including supplements and/or dietary suggestions, additional testing recommendations and more actionable advice. Because symptoms don’t just turn up overnight, you can’t expect to be “healed” in one visit. Several follow-up visits should be expected to complete your health journey bringing the body back into balance.

At Dr. Rodney Russell’s practice, we offer a wide range of holistic and specialized services to address your health and wellness needs. Our dedicated team is committed to your well-being, and we provide the following services: Live Blood Cell Analysis, Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Infertility & Miscarriage, Holistic Nutrition, Body Work/Massage, Patient Coaching, Red / LED Light Therapy, Sub-specialities.

Discover a holistic and integrated approach to health at our Natural Healing Center. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to guide you on your journey to optimal health and vitality.