Genetic Testing & Mutations

Unlock Your Health Potential the Power of Genetics Testing

Tired of running in circles with your healthcare professionals without getting better? Fed up with trying things that don’t work? The answer could be in your genes.

Recent advances in understanding human genetics have triggered a revolution in discovery-based research to help gain a better understanding of even the most complex biological systems like your brain. These advances hold tremendous promise when it comes to wellness, and have dramatically altered the way we think about and approach healthcare.

Coupled with new and affordable testing methods we can unlock your genetic code and empower your life. With personalized wellness-based treatments and preventative care, you can heal your chronic challenges and head-off potential disease.

Knowledge may be power, but ignorance is not bliss.

Science has proven that we can be set up for health challenges with gene mutations (also known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs). This in turn affects the way we respond to nutrition, medicine and exercise.

Find out about Genetic Coaching with Dr. Russell

An affordable, simple, non-invasive test will reveal any inherited genetic predispositions helping to pinpoint acquired weaknesses. This valuable tool provides powerful insight that can be used to target solutions to replenish any underlying insufficiency. Not only can this bring your body back into balance, it can significantly help when it comes to disease prevention. On the other hand, if you ignore any underlying problems you will likely be dealing with them off and on the rest of your life.

With Dr. Russell’s assistance in properly interpreting and correlating your genetic results, you’ll get back on a track to wholeness and health as he strategically designs a protocol and nutritional supplementation created specifically for you.

Contrast this to “conventional” treatments that at best may do you no good, but could cause further harm by masking, or simply treating your symptoms.

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No more one-size-fits-all approach to wellness; let’s find out what works best for YOU.

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