Live Blood Cell Analysis

Cutting-Edge Dark Field Microscopy Providing Enhanced Health Assessment

We are excited to introduce Dark Field Microscope Testing for Live Blood Cell Analysis, something in which Dr. Russell is highly trained, certified and very experienced having performed thousands of these microscopy’s.

This advanced technology allows him to examine blood samples, from a simple finger prick, in real-time, providing a more accurate and detailed picture of a patient’s overall health.

The live blood cell analysis is not a diagnostic test, rather it’s an educational tool used to show the patient what the blood looks like under the microscope.

Darkfield microscopy allows blood to be evaluated functionally to assess signs of degeneration, certain nutritional deficiencies, overall cell health, hydration status, liver function, toxins, excess fat circulation, presence of bacteria or parasites, and many other health markers to help identify underlying conditions before they become serious.

Incorporating this technology into our practice will provide our patients with one of the most advanced health assessment tools available.

Watch this video to see it in action:

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