Becoming a New Patient

Thanks so much for your interest in the Natural Healing Center in Grapevine, Texas. We are currently accepting qualifying new patients. We have patients coming into out Grapevine (DFW) office from all over, not only North Texas, but the United States. If after reading through our website you would like to book or you have specific questions on how Dr. Russell can help you, please fill out this NEW PATIENT QUERY.


While we do not take health insurance, if your insurance plan has a flexible spending account or you have a health savings account, check with your plan administrator to see if our services are covered for reimbursement.  They most often are. We can provide you with insurance codes for out-of-network reimbursement. We will also work with your insurance for any necessary blood work.

What to Expect

Dr. Russell recognizes the importance of providing the highest level of health care while also making your treatment easy to understand and transparent.   Dr. Russell’s four-tiered approach includes:   New Patient Consultation, hands-on Emotional/Energetic and Chiropractic Treatment, Review of Findings, and a unique Treatment Plan.  It is often necessary to run labs and other tests.  This generally requires a follow up visit approximately 2 weeks out.  After Dr. Russell has reviewed all of your test results, he will provide protocol recommendations that aim to address any specific biochemical imbalances that may have been uncovered. Any structural and/or energetic or emotional findings will also be addressed and worked through at each appointment. Each process is distinctly individualized to fit your exact needs and health presentation.

While we are a cash practice and do not file insurance, Dr. Russell will work with you, if possible, to run any labs through your health insurance.  We also accept health savings account card.

Outside Labs And/Or Tests

As noted, various tests may be needed.  Some of these are done through outside labs, others are done in your home and sent to a lab, and yet others are simply done at home with immediate results.  Some of these include the following:

  • Genetics

  • Blood Work

  • Hormones

  • Heavy Metals

  • MicroBiome / Gastrointestinal

  • Food Allergy

  • Lyme

  • and more

New patients please complete this form.

Healing is a journey. Let's walk the path together.

We are eager to see you!

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