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Tired of running in circles with doctors and not getting anywhere?  Fed up with trying things that don’t work? The answer could be in your genes.

Rapid advances in understanding human genetics have triggered a revolution in discovery-based research to understand even the most complex biological systems such as the brain.  This holds tremendous promise and power when it comes to wellness and dramatically altering the way we think about and do healthcare.  This progress, coupled with new, affordable testing that reveals your unique genetic code, allows for the easy unlocking of your genetic potential.  This information alone provides a remarkable opportunity to empower your life and set the course for your future as you are better positioned to receive personalized, wellness-based treatments and preventative care to both heal chronic challenges and head off potential disease

Science has proven that we can be set up for health challenges with gene mutations also known as SNPs.  This in turn affects the way we respond to nutrition, medicine and exercise.

An affordable, simple, non-invasive test will reveal any inherited genetic predispositions helping to pinpoint acquired weaknesses. This valuable tool provides powerful insight that can be used to target solutions to replenish any underlying insufficiency.  Not only can this bring your body back into balance, it can significantly help when it comes to disease prevention. On the other hand, if you ignore any underlying problems you will likely be dealing with them off and on the rest of your life.

With the assistance of a trained professional, one that can properly interpret and correlate your genetic results, you’llget back on a path to whole heath with the right protocol and nutritional supplementation specifically for you.  This versus treatment that may do you no good, or worse yet, cause further harm.

So no more one-size-fits-all approach to wellness; let’s find out what works best for YOU.

23 pairs of chromosomes.

One unique you.

You are made up of cells and your cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you.

Follow These Steps for test

Step 1 – Order Genetic Tests

23andMe provides ancestry-related genetic reports and uninterpreted raw genetic data. For mutation reporting purposes, we want the uninterpreted raw genetic data.

The cost is $199. There are many other companies that provide interpretation of some small subset of your genetic data charging hundreds or thousands of dollars. To get your own genome mapped, go to the23andMe website (Step1 link above) and order their Health & Ancestry service kit. The kit is sent to your house; register it, provide a small saliva sample in a test tube, close it, shake it up, pop it back in their mailer, and in about four to five weeks they’ll send you an email that your results are available. This will be raw genetic data that you need to download to your computer.  To do so click on REPORT.  Then click on TOOLS located at the bottom.  Then click on RAW DATA and BROWSE YOUR DATA.  Then at the top click on DOWNLOAD RAW DATA.  At the bottom click on ALL DNA and re-enter your password.  Then click download your RAW GENETIC DATA to your desktop or download file.

Obtaining Your Analysis

Step 2 – LiveWello Analysis

There are a number of what we call genetic engines that you can run your DNA genome (raw data) through to get useful reports that will help make sense of your genetic information and will also help you understand methylation and other mutations better. After saving your raw data from 23andMe to your desktop, we recommend going to Livewello (link). You will create an account and then click on GENETICS, then VARIANCE REPORTS to pay and then upload your 23andMe raw data report into their site (Report Cost $19.95). Wait a few minutes, and your color coded report will appear.  Please then add DR. RODNEY RUSSELL to your HEALTH VILLAGE so he has access if you are doing a consult.  Do this by clicking on the HEALTH tab, then the VILLAGE tab. 

Genetic Genie is optional. This is another site offering a FREE or DONATION-based report. This is a much shorter analysis, but adds a few important SNPs.  To upload your 23andMe results, scroll down to Methylation Analysis, click and follow instructions. Then do the same for the Detox Analysis.  Download these files and/or print in COLOR.  Bring this report to a knowledgeable practitioner to compliment the LiveWello report.

Please keep in mind that NOT ALL mutations may be relevant or a reason for worry. A well versed practitioner on genetic polymorphisms/mutations will consult with you on what particular SNPs you should be concerned with and how you may support these findings through proper nutritional supplementation. For helpful information visit COFFEE WITH DR. STEWART for his latest podcasts on “Genetic Mutations and What They Mean To Your Health.”

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