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Dr. Russell addresses chronic health issues including thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, gut health, chronic pain, skin conditions and autoimmune disease, among many other chronic issues that show up in people’s lives. Symptoms are simply your body’s way of saying “something isn’t right.” When you bring the body into balance, which is called homeostasis, that’s when the symptoms begin to fall away. To do this and support a return to whole body health, Dr. Russell provides the finest metabolic, neurological, emotional/energetic and structural care to his patients using a holistic approach. Below is a sampling of the different services offered.

Techniques Utilized

✓ Neuro Emotional repattering
✓ Functional Medicine
✓ Functional Endocrinology
✓ Applied Kinesiology
✓ Functional Biomechanics
✓ Detoxification Therapy
✓ Total Body Modification
✓ Low Force Instrument Adjusting
✓ Bio-Energetic Synchronization
✓ Myofascial Release
✓ Nutritional Consultation
✓ EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
✓ Adjustments of the Spine and Extremities

Diagnostic Testing

✓ Comprehensive Blood Chemistry
✓ Hormone Analysis
✓ Adrenal Stress Panels
✓ Gluten Sensitivity Testing
✓ Food Sensitivity Panels
✓ Autoimmune Panels
✓ Genetic Testing (MTHFR & beyond)
✓ Histamine
✓ Neurotransmitters
✓ Hair Analysis
✓ Leaky Gut
✓ Pyroluria
✓ Heavy Metals
✓ Stool Analysis
✓ …And More

He utilizes cutting-edge technology to assist his patients in achieving their maximum health potential.

If your condition warrants additional diagnostics such as stool analysis, urinalysis, salivary and blood tests, then they will be recommended.

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Dr. Russell provides holistic medicine and wellness services in his North Texas clinic as well as nationwide via phone or video conference.


1650 West Northwest Hwy., Suite 103
Grapevine, Texas 76051

(817) 310-0393

*New Patients, please fill out the “NEW PATIENT INQUIRY” and you will be called to answer questions and schedule.

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