Functional Medicine protocols frequently require lifestyle/habit change, in addition to a schedule of supplement therapy, which can be challenging and feel overwhelming for some. Patient advocate coaching, included with your new patient visit with Dr. Rodney Russell, provides additional support to help patients take results-oriented action to move from a position of being stuck to a position of empowerment. This is done by helping the patient understand and implement Dr. Russell’s protocol, while establishing realistic, obtainable goals and setting strategies to obtain those goals. As a patient advocate coach, Amy Christenson will also help manage any barriers that could make it difficult. The process is one of guidance, education, and support. (A patient advocate does NOT analyze, diagnose, or prescribe treatment.)

You can also choose to continue working with Amy, a certified Health & Nutrition Guide and Personal Wellness Coach, outside or your initial new patient visit to more fully improve your relationship with food, your body and your mind. In her own words, Amy “helps frustrated, under fed & overwhelmed women 35 and over reset their metabolism by learning how to eat well, build strength & realign heart, mind & habits, so they can shift into happy, healthy & nourished life WITHOUT the confusion, low calorie lifestyles, hours of cardio, thinking carbs are the devil or believing your body = your worth!”

So if you’re ready to restore your metabolism, generate energy, establish good gut health, eat for hormone balance, build strength and confidence in the gym (and in your yoga pants), realign your heart, mind, gut and habits so you can shift into a happy, healthy & nourished life ~ book a quick consultation with Amy to see how you might work together.

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Dr. Russell provides holistic medicine and wellness services in both his NW Arkansas & North Texas clinics, as well as nationwide via phone or video conference.


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